Jeff Lewis Photography



Private Workshops/Tours

Sunrise/SUnset Sessions

Join me for an introduction to the vast beauty contained in the landscape of the Canadian Rockies.

Chasing Light TOurs

Experience a morning or evening chasing the best light around the Canadian Rockies and see what lengths a full time photographer will go to get “the shot”.


Group Workshops/Tours

Fall/Winter Tours

Each Fall season I offer one or two, 3 Day photo tours of Jasper National Park. On these trips we shoot 3 Sunsets and 3 Sunrise, with brief post processing sessions after the Sunrise Sessions. Click on the photo above for more info.

Custom Tours

Year round I am available to provide a custom tour of the Canadian Rockies for any duration throughout the Canadian Rockies or beyond. Want to strengthen your photo skills in the field and then have a private post processing session? We can do that! I can work anywhere in the world, if you want a custom private trip planned to some exotic destination, I’ll plan it and we’ll make it happen!